Monetise your Website or Blog

The VanOne Affiliate Programme is dedicated to bloggers and website owners who enjoy writing and publishing their articles about Europe online.

How much can I earn?

Don’t waste your time with other internet affiliate programmes as the majority of them pay pennies. With the VanOne Affiliate Programme, you can earn a decent income and you don’t have to work too hard to make it work. You can earn money by placing our affiliate banners on your website. We will pay you, as our affiliate member, a 5% commission when we acquire a customer via our affiliate banner placed on your website or blog.

For example:

In April 2014, John searched the internet for information about Saint-Céré in France, the location of his newly purchased house. He found Maurine’s blog where she writes about Saint-Céré and life in this lovely French town. When reading Maurine’s blog, John clicked on the VanOne banner to check how much it would cost him to move his belongings from the UK to his new French home. He came back to VanOne’s website a few weeks later and ordered his removal which was worth £3564. The cookie left on John’s computer by VanOne’s affiliate system made it possible to track this transaction and assign it to Maurine’s blog. Now, when Maurine logs in to the VanOne Affiliate Programme control panel, she can see John’s purchase and as a result, the £178 she earned.

How can I become an affiliate member?

Registration is very easy. To get started, simply fill in the registration form available from here and click “Submit”. If your website / blog is approved, you will receive a VanOne Affiliate Programme registration email within three days. This email will include a link to validate your email address, user name and a temporary password.

Is it difficult to place VanOne banners on my website?

This is very easy, too! After you successfully register, simply log in to the VanOne Affiliate Programme control panel and choose the banner you would like to place on your website. There will be a code you can copy and paste to your blog or website. Afterwards, you will be able to see how much money we owe you in the control panel statistics.

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When and how will I be paid for sales made via my website?

The VanOne Affiliate Programme commission is paid through PayPal. It is therefore important to use the email address registered with your PayPal account when you register for the VanOne Affiliate Programme. You will receive your payment 40 days after the end of the month in which the transaction took place.

For example:

John purchased his removal on 21st April 2014. On 30th April 2014, all transactions which came through Maurine’s blog, including John’s purchase, were calculated by VanOne. Three weeks later, on 20th May 2014, Maurine received the money she earned from John’s purchase and all the other VanOne Affiliate Programme monies earned from her blog in April.

You can find out more about VanOne Affiliate Programme by reading the Terms & Conditions.